Bringing eCommerce to
in-house recruitment

Employee data has never looked so good


A data-driven solution to deliver hard-to-fill, volume and strategic hires. Measuring quality-of-hire by audience by default.


Supercharge client discovery, analytics and creative refinement. Expose workforce planning and promote diversity & inclusion.


Delight your partners with a one-stop programmatic solution. We’ll use data and contextual targeting to deliver great hires.

Recruitment eCommerce – Using the latest product marketing techniques to sell jobs to great candidates

Recruitment eCommerce works by delivering the same eCommerce journey brands take you on when you buy their products.

Now imagine you could do the same to market roles across your business.

A few things we’re great at

We harness the latest eCommerce thinking to deliver data-driven Recruitment eCommerce campaigns.


Our comprehensive discovery process combines internal staff interviews and surveys with externally collected data on your target audience. All data is then analysed and detailed in a comprehensive report that can be used to
help validate your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) or to create a targeted role level media plan.


We take the subjectivity out of media plans and use our discovery to deliver role level insight on the best media channels to reach your ideal hire. Our approach interlinks identified channels to give a single truth in
terms of performance. This ensures quality-of-hire by media channel can be measured and reported on for every campaign.


Our programmatic platforms underpin everything we do. Combined with deep analytics we can ensure an interested candidate is nurtured through to a considered application. By combining GDPR compliant drip email campaigns with
programmatic ad automation we can deliver a seamless candidate experience and increase the quality of applications.


Using cloud-based business intelligence systems and the latest tracking tech we deliver campaign data that actually means something. Be it workforce planning or quality-of-hire by media audience, we’ve got your campaign
covered. We provide live dashboard feeds and comprehensive reports that transform recruitment campaign visibility.

Image testing

Our discovery is all about understanding how to contextually market to your target audience.

Click below to take our quick image test, and find out which image is catching people’s attention.





About us

We are not an Agency. We are a Digital Tech Business. Our focus is on delivering brilliantly creative in-house Recruitment eCommerce campaigns based on insight and data. We have simplified the process of getting from brief to
production by using structured discovery to help define creative and media channels. In doing this we remove subjectivity and can base our creativity on hard-facts.


You wouldn’t launch a product without understanding the market. It’s no different for recruitment. To speak to a candidate, you have to get to know them first.


We believe that a job should be sold in the same way we buy products in a modern age. Online and with a customer (or candidate in this case) first mentality.


We build beautiful digital assets that track back to key discovery data. By testing images/concepts/EVP pre-campaign we can be sure it works before any spend.


A candidate’s online journey is often overlooked. A great careers site doesn’t necessarily mean a great experience. We look to improve and enhance every element.


We A/B test whenever we can (and we don’t stop). This includes copy, creative and media. Only be doing this and measuring can we be sure we’re getting the best results.


Power is nothing without control. We see everything. From media audience through to application, we will be tracking, tagging and reporting on everything.


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Drop My Digital Limited is a company registered in England and Wales.
Company Number 11193744.

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